Who We Are

The Company

Phase Site Investigations Ltd provide a range of non-intrusive site investigation and survey services. Formed in 2006 we have already built up a reputation for excellence within the geophysics and survey sectors. Our senior surveyors have a wealth of experience covering a broad spectrum of non-intrusive specialisms, including geophysics, utility tracing, heritage and archaeological assessments, building and topographic surveys and geoetechnical desk based assessments.

We want to give you a different perspective on site investigations by offering a non-intrusive service that is tailored to your needs and not an ‘off the shelf’ package. We can do this as we have combined experience of geophysics, utility tracing and surveying coupled with a strong background in geotechnical engineering. This enables us to better assess what type of survey will suit your needs. All of our services can be taken as individual surveys / assessments or as part of a package, which can provide significant cost savings.

Our geophysics experience covers a broad range of techniques and applications, not only common methods such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), and so we can decide what survey strategy is best for a specific site and objectives. We have the experience to know if geophysics is suitable for your site and if it is which techniques will best provide you with the information that you require.

We aim to offer a holistic, fit for purpose approach to site investigation by integrating different non-intrusive disciplines that can provide you with the information that you need to target intrusive investigations or to use in the design or development of a project.

We provide a quality service that is adaptive, efficient and above all gives you the information that is required as cost effectively as possible.