Who We Are

Our Ethos

Phase Site Investigations is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of survey and non-intrusive site investigation services to meet your needs. We take pride in our work and aim to always offer a quality and cost-effective product.

It is a key aspect of our services that we produce concise, clear drawings and reports. We are aware of the needs of the engineer or developer and will always endeavour to present our results in a format that can be easily understood and used by both clients with an understating of non-intrusive techniques and specialists in other fields.

We are committed to health and safety. We help our clients fulfill their health and safety requirements by providing information on site specific sub-surface hazards and conditions and we also ensure that our staff are full trained and operate to stringent safety standard and quality controls.

If a non-intrusive survey is not the best site investigation option or the results might be uncertain then we will tell you so in advance of carrying out any work. We will not carry out a survey if at the outset we do not believe that it will be of benefit. If a non-intrusive survey can help but requires expertise that we do not have, such as borehole geophysics, then we will try and point you in the direction of someone who can help.

Quality isn’t an optional extra and it shouldn’t be something that you should pay a premium for. We want to build our business by providing a quality, cost-effective service and aim to develop ongoing relationships with our clients.