What We Do


Phase Site Investigations provide a range of survey and non-intrusive site investigation services. Our phased approach can incorporate geophysical surveys, utility tracing, desk-based assessments, historic and archaeological surveys and topographic and building surveys as part of one package or as individual services. It is our aim to meet all of your Phase I site investigation needs and if required to assist in determining Phase II strategies.

Carrying out topographic and /or measured building surveys are standard practice on most projects but the use of non-intrusive surveys is less well established, but in many cases are no less critical to the success of a project. The benefits of undertaking a non-intrusive survey are:

  • Cost-effective
  • The entire site can be sampled rapidly
  • Enables optimal design of the intrusive investigation
  • No exposure to buried hazards
  • No risk of creating contaminant pathways
  • No risk of damaging buried infrastructure or features
  • Enables informed decision making
  • Can assist in meeting health and safety requirements

Our services come at the crucial early stages of site assessment where failure to identify the correct site conditions and potential hazards can have a big impact on the subsequent viability and profitability of a development. Utilising our experienced specialists at the outset can save your project time and money.

Non-intrusive surveys should no longer be regarded as an additional, unnecessary expense. They can reduce risk by potentially determining site conditions and identifying hazards that would otherwise not come to light until later on in the development.