Phase Heritage

We are pleased to announce that Phase Heritage, the specialist archaeological geophysics division of Phase SI, has been launched!

Phase SI has been carrying out archaeological geophysical surveys since we formed back in 2008 and Mark Whittingham (MCIfA), the Director who runs all of our archaeological surveys, has been involved in archaeological geophysics since 1996 but we felt that we wanted to make it clearer to prospective clients that we specialise in archaeological surveys, hence the launch of Phase Heritage.

While our existing customers are aware of the full range of services that we undertake and that we have experienced and qualified archaeologists and geophysicists on our team we felt that prospective clients may not think that we could provide informed archaeological interpretations or that archaeology surveys were something we ‘dabbled’ with or did on the side.  By creating the brand, Phase Heritage, we hope to promote that this is one of our core services and emphasise that we are specialists in the archaeological sector.

The majority of the archaeological surveys that we undertake are magnetic surveys utilising our Multi-sensor Array Cart System (MACS) or Bartington gradiometers but we also undertake ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistivity and electromagnetic surveys for the heritage sector.  With GPR and EM surveys in particular we can draw upon our wealth of geophysical expertise to devise appropriate strategies for ‘non-standard’ archaeological sites and provide reliable interpretations. The company as a whole has extensive experienced of assessing brownfield sites and many of the geophysical techniques that we utilise for brownfield surveys can be applied to urban sites with archaeological interest or potential.

If you would like any information on our archaeological geophysical services or would like a quote then please contact us on