Buried utilities galore!

Phase recently carried out a utility tracing survey at a whisky distillery in Scotland. Construction work had begun on new buildings within the distillery complex but after encountering several unexpected pipes and cables it was realised that the existing service record plans were not accurate or comprehensive.

Phase was called in to carry out a combined ground penetrating radar (GPR) and radio frequency location (RFL) survey at the 2 ha site. The survey successfully and accurately located numerous pipes and cables shown on record drawings but also found a number of other features that were previously unknown. Several of these were plastic pipes and drains that could only have been identified using GPR.

The construction work could now proceed with confidence, with a few minor adjustments to take into account the additional features that the utility tracing survey had identified. Our client commented, ‘the report and survey work was first class and has given us much needed site information for the Project’.